Sketchers GOWalk II ($65.00)

Rating: Trust It!

One of the biggest challenges that we road warriors have is how to pack our workout gear on business trips. We know we need to work out on the road to stay sane and ward off those business travel extra pounds, but we also need everything to fit into our carry-on, as we seasoned travelers don’t check bags.

When faced with the inevitable packing dilemma of sneakers versus those fabulous stilettos… well let’s be honest, the sneakers get the heave-ho. So I was on the lookout for a great alternative to the bulky running shoe that would still inspire me to get some mileage on my trips. My criteria: a sneaker or walking shoe that was lightweight, good for walking and working out, flattened in my suitcase, and looked decent too. An impossible find? I didn't think so.

I went into Skechers recently and was pleasantly surprised by the number of cool and practical styles they now have. I tried on and bought the GOwalk II shoes (come in various styles and colors) and gave them a test run on my recent trip to New York – the ultimate walking city.

I’m happy to report that they totally delivered and I loved them! They packed easily, are super light and most importantly felt great. I walked many miles in those shoes without socks and no sore feet or blisters. I even got some complements from New Yorkers… and that’s not easy to get.

Thank you Skechers… these puppies will make it on every trip!

... as worn by Delilah Panio.