Pocket Tee Dress by Splendid ($98 retail; $54 sale price)

Rating: Empty Promises  

Splendid Pocket Tee Dress - Black

Sometimes you have to learn the same lesson twice.  And very often you're more willing to "relearn" your lesson when its on sale.  Such has been my experience with this dress from Splendid.

I purchased this dress from Splendid in a coral/red color during one of their mid-season summer sales, and I fell prey to its seductive nature as: 1. the color looked great with my tan, 2. the sexy and simple cut, and 3. SALE SALE SALE ($54 isn't exactly a steal but I wasn't exactly in the mood to be picky).  So the odds were stacked against me.  And I took the plunge and wished for the best, especially as it has been my experience that their tee fabric blends tend to wear out quickly.

Sure enough, history repeated itself. I wore the dress to dinner and drinks that night, and upon reinspecting the dress the next morning I noticed that the fabric of the dress was beginning to pile and starting to show wear.   Ugh.  

So my friends, I've decided to take this dress for what it is: a sexy little sundress with a beautiful color that was overpriced to begin with that I probably won't be able to wear past this one season.  

Splendid, I love your store and you have the most comfy products, but you really need to work on your "price per wear."

... as worn by Katherine Hanson