The Ta-Ta Tamer II by Lululemon ($58)

Rating: Trust It!

At this point I feel like everyone in my personal life knows how much I worship this bra, so I figured I'd fill you SheTrusters in:

First let me preface this by saying that my whole life I've had a love-hate relationship with my breasts, and the fact that I grew up spending 40+ hours a week training as an elite level swimmer did not make life easy.  Suffice to say I was the only swimmer girl for miles who had tits to manage (yes, I can say "tits"), and believe me when I tell you that they don't design practice and competition suits for kick-ass girls who, oh I don't know, actually look like a lady.  Girls with unexplainably round asses, yes; girls with breasts, no.  

My experience with sports bras have been no different, and I've been condemned to a life of wearing two of them just to work out and to buying those with such matronly styles that they make Nell Carter's bras look risque.  Still, unnecessary pain and terrorizing nightmares of saggy boobs persist.  Enter: Lululemon'Ta-Ta Tamer.

I'll give you fair warning that this bra is not for the faint of heart.  You have to be seriously passionate about keeping your breasts out of your face during your run just to even try this bra on.  Its not easy to get into (the poor girl working the dressing room had to help me in and out of it) and its look can be quite intimidating.  Yet, its heavy-duty, industrial grade materials are immediately noticeable the minute you set eyes on this life-changer, and yes, those arethree claps attached to a neoprene-like material that would make even the toughest of Navy Seals proud.  

I will admit, when I first wore it to exercise it was extremely difficult to get into by myself, especially with the tightness I needed in the straps, and you would have to be a boneless wonder to reach around to tighten it further once its on.  But once I had this harness of a bra on and ready, it was as if the hands of God himself had reached down to keep my chest stationary.  I've been equally impressed by the durability of the structure and the materials.  I've washed it regularly in the few months that I've owned the Tamer (always by the Lululemon washing recommendations; if you aren't sure what they are, ask one of the store associates) and it continues to look quite similar to its brand-new condition.  

A surprising bonus is the cute, playful colors it comes in (yes, girls with big boobs want cute bras too!).  With my first purchase of this bra I kept it safe with the black color to avoid sweat stains, so I can't provide any insights on the other colors, other than that I will for sure be getting some of them!  

So if you, like me, are sick and tired of sportswear designers not cluing into your mammary needs, then the Ta-Ta Tamer, a true heavy-duty sports bra you can trust, is for you.  

(By the way, who are they kidding with the model in the above photo?  Let's face it, the only women buying this bra are those with some serious knockers to support.  Not that hers aren't fabulous, but if my tits were that small I'd be running around topless all day screaming "free birds!")

... as worn by Katherine Hanson.