ICEBREAKER Tech-T Lite Short Sleeve ($64.99)

Rating: Trust It!

I first discovered Icebreaker when I was sorting out how to pack for a four-week trip overseas, where I would need to be prepared for dress, business, casual, and sport occasions across four seasons, all tucked neatly into nothing more than one carry on bag.  Luckily, nature and Icebreaker have teamed up to create miracle garments which perform well for both travel and working out. The key: merino wool.

Merino wool is a truly amazing material. It's natural and renewable. It never smells, no matter how many days in a row you wear it or keep it tucked inside a stuffy suitcase. It hand-washes easily with low-impact soaps and air-dries very quickly. It cools or warms the body depending on the environment and the weight of the knit. It wears extremely well. And it dyes to a great array of colors.  Icebreaker further improves on these natural assets by offering great styling for an array of garments, from super-sporty to reliably dressy. And each garment even includes a serial number that lets you track the wool back to its origin farms in New Zealand. I can only assume the sheep are happy.

Despite their high-price, I promise that these shirts are worth it if you're looking to build a great foundation with your basics.  I bought two colors of this workout tee in January and haven't worn any others since. Same goes for my sports bra.  Icebreaker offers the perfect mix of performance and style, and I doubt I will ever go back to synthetics, no matter how "high-performance" they may be.

.... as worn by Jennifer Holmes.