Tieks Ballet Flat in Matte Black ($165)

Rating: Trust It!

After returning from a week of exploring Tokyo that left me with eight blisters, I realized that I needed to invest in a solid pair of flats. I’m not one to ever sport the relaxed "beach" vibe, and yet I wanted a comfortable shoe that wouldn’t place my feet at the ending credits of Die Hard.  These Tieks matte ballet flats in black were everything I thought they’d be (mostly amazing).

After frolicking around Disneyland like a crazed child trapped inside a grown woman’s body, I had an inkling that these shoes were ready for a long term relationship. A month of meetings, errands, and dog walks have proved these flats worthy of my feet.

Tieks are well made, constructed from beautiful Italian leather, have ample padding on the bottom, and even fold up to fit into your clutch and carry-on. For the first couple of wears, the widest part of my foot was a little red with irritation, but since then, the shoe has conformed to my foot. No more discomfort. I even wear them around the house sometimes because they’re comfy and I’m too lazy to take them off.

The one itty-bitty qualm I have with these shoes is that you can see a slight imprint of your toes as the leather stretches over the tops of your feet (as illustrated in the photo above). However, I don’t see how any manufacturer could avoid this effect while keeping ballet flats as comfy and flexible as these are. Bottom line, I’m a reasonable woman and so within the confines of what man is capable of creating, the Tieks matte ballet flat in black is a Godsend.

... as worn by Alessandra Horii.