TOKYOBay Downtown Zip Yellow Crossbody ($30)

Rating: Proceed with Caution 

I needed a cross-body bag, it would add some color to my notoriously neutral closet, it was $30 bucks(!), and it was at my favorite place to shop in Asheville, North Carolina: frock boutique. The stars were aligned, so I bought it. I was thrilled to wear it out that night to the movies, and when I returned home, I found that the dye of my jeans (tisk tisk) had rubbed all over the beautiful yellow on the back and the bottom edge of the bag. I was able to get most of it out with water and a light detergent, but yet it remains 'til this day.

I wear this bag out on a lot of light walking outings (movies, dinner date, etc.) when I want to keep my hands and shoulders free, so about once or twice a week. I guess all of that wear has caused more discoloration, as the clasps at the top have rubbed into the material (yet has not torn), and the edges and zippers of the bag have grown a bit dark.

Its not all bad news though: the discoloration isn't that noticeable from afar, and I keep this bag in rotation because of the quality of the structure and the durability of the lining. Overall, this is a great bag to have but maybe just choose a darker color (duh! but isn't the yellow just so darn happy?). Thus it earns its rating of "Proceed with Caution": overall, its been a good experience, but watch out for the occasional thorns! 

... in the experience of Katherine Hanson.