My experience with these shoes has been revolutionary, and not in a good way.  During college and my first few years in the workforce, I had always coveted these shoes and eyed the girls wearing them who I had assumed were lucky enough to afford them with envy.  They all seemed so put together, confident, and most importantly, successful.  Everything I wanted to be seemed to be embodied in these shoes.  These shoes would be my visual "ticket to success", and therefore, happiness.

When I was finally able to invest in these shoes, I wore them proudly to my job as an art gallery director.  With these shoes on my feet, I felt more sure of myself and certain that I would be taken more seriously by clients (after all I could afford $225 flats, for all they knew I could be seriously rolling in the dough).  

However all of my confidence and excitement over these shoes was quickly voided when after a few months of wearing them, the shoes were ripped, torn, haggard, and the sole was almost completely worn away.  I just can't believe that this is what I got in return for the price I paid for these shoes!  Never one to give up without a fight, I've taken them to my favorite shoe repair man a couple of times so that I can still wear them every once in a while and so that it looks like I'm wearing designer flats on my feet instead of something thats been sent through a wood chipper

My advice to you: if you are someone like me, who to spend $225 on a pair of basic black flats is a significant investment, I wholeheartedly recommend that you do not buy these shoes.  They will not be able to hold up to your life while you work your butt off to go for yours.  However, if you're one of those lucky ladies who does not consider this to be a substantial amount of money to spend on flats and these would be one of gazillion shoes you could wear on any given day, then by all means buy away. 

... As worn by Katherine Hanson.