Get Some Trusty Red Lips!

In the experience of Marcella Zimmerman:

I grew up in Los Angeles and felt like red lipstick was my trademark... then I moved to New York City, which is like a magnet for every cool girl from every city in the freakin’ WORLD. According to my crude research (aka staring at other girls on the C train), one in every four girls are infringing on my trademark and almost pulling it off as well as me. Almost. I pity you Midwestern fashion bloggers, and so I’ve decided to share my lipstick secrets with my fellow ladies in my first ever exclusive for SheTrusts:

Basically, lip liner is for pussies and real women do what I call the two-step with the following products that I deem “Trust It!” items:

Step One: MAC Russian Red lipstick ($15)

MAC lipsticks smell like a vanilla spice Playdoh latte. MAC’s Russian Red is a red matte lipstick with blueish tint that looks amazing on EVERYONE. Its darkish tint compliments any lipgloss.

But here’s the truth: ANY matte red lipstick works. The key to a long lasting, beautiful red lip is a matte base. Whether you go shoplift a tube of Revlon’s Cherries in The Snow or splurge on Chanel’s #43 La Favorite, the results will be the same as long as you use the following:




Step Two: Yves Saint Laurent Rogue Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain ($34)

I vehemently hate lipgloss. When Lancome’s Juicy Tubes were trendy, I abstained from the goop and opted for cherry chapstick-- and NOT just because of that Aquabats song. (Am I giving away my age here? #classof2008)

But this goop is different, and YSL must know it since they took the time to make look like a baby pillar from the Pinwheel House. The gloss is smooth and vaguely smells like Meyer Lemons and milky, sweet Earl Grey tea.  The pigment is deep and stays put for hours without making you lips feel chalky. Apply it in two swift coats and you’ll be glossy until you eat your sad desk salad.

That said, this two step process does not last all day. I don’t know what crazy chemicals Maybelline pumps into its 92859285-hour wear lipstick, but they are probably gross and tested on kittens so I strongly suggest investing $40 bucks and an extra 3 minutes a day with these two steps. Just reapply after lunch!

 *Disclaimer: I really care olfaction. Google it, ya’ll!