Urban Decay Triple Threat Travel Pencil Set ($19, Ulta Beauty

Rating: Trust It!

I've always had problems with pencil eyeliner. Ever heard of raccoon eyes? Yeah, not cute, and I tend to get them when I use pencil liners. Especially during the summer, when it is hot and I start to sweat. It always happens when I line the waterline, and sometimes even when I just line my eyelids. So if I leave the house with a natural look, I come home with what looks like a sad attempt at a smokey eye. The fact that I am Filipino and have smaller eyes may be part of the reason why it smudges so easily, but I am still on the mission to find something that works for me! 

I won't say that it never happens with this eyeliner, but it does pretty well, and it has given me hope for pencil eyeliners again! After I received a sample of this liner in black, I loved it so much that I had to buy the whole Urban Decay Triple Threat eyeliner set which comes with everyday use colors with code names such as "Zero" (AKA black), "Demolition" (brown), and "Rockstar" (purple). For $19 I paid for all three it's totally worth it, considering that I don't use heavy liner nor do I use it everyday.  As the cherry on top of my sundae, I can get it at my local Ulta beauty supply store (no more trekking all the way to Sephora!).

Also, they weren't kidding about it gliding on so smoothly. No force needed with this liner, which saves you from tugging and wrinkles around your eyes! From now on, this is my go-to pencil eyeliner, or at least until they start making something at this price with a near tattoo-like quality. 

... as reviewed by Jamie de Guzman.