VINCE Alexa Ankle Strap Sandals ($375)

Rating: Proceed with Caution

Let me preface this by saying that nothing pains me more than being bound by the moral and mission-statement obligations of shetrusts to write this review, as VINCE is one of my top three fashion brands.  It was like a fairy tale finding these shoes.  I was looking to dive into the single ankle strap sandal craze that seemed to have taken over the world last summer summer, but I didn't want to buy something cheap and relatively ok-looking that would almost surely fall apart after the second wear.  Anywho, back to my point: it was a quiet Friday night at The Grove in LA when I stumbled upon these sandals at 50% off, down to the last pair, in my size!  After one swift try-on, off I went with my new favorite pair of heels, giddy over my good luck.

Boy, did that euphoria have a shelf life.  Yeah, I'm always happy that I'm wearing a stylish pair of strappy sandals that I snagged at 50% off, but that does not outweigh the pain that is incurred on one's feet upon wearing these cuties.  Turns out, if you walk more than thirty steps in these shoes, the strap across the top of effectively shreds all of the skin off of the top of your baby toes and its a two-week recovery period at least.  But who knows, maybe its just my narrow boney feet?

If you make it past that "ring of fire", take note that the leather on the heel can be susceptible to marks and deep scuffing should you put yourself in an "out all night" type of scenario every once in a while (insider's tip: Shore Bar).  But I can guarantee you won't be disappointed by the overall structural quality these beautiful shoes exhibit.  Just make sure you tape on an extra layer of skin on your toes before you do.

So my friends, all I can say is walk "slightly" with these ankle strappies. 

... as worn by Katherine Hanson