Vince Camuto Dacoma Pumps ($100)

Rating: Proceed with Caution

I gotta say, these pumps have been great and are so versatile.  I bought these last season as a basic black pump to wear with winter cocktail dresses, and their mix of textures adds warmth and depth to the look of these shoes.  I'm happy to say that I've worn them way past the winter season and wear with much more than cute little dresses.

The only drawback that causes me to advise you to proceed with caution with these heels is the snakeskin-print leather towards the bottom of the base of the shoe and the heel.  Although this probably goes without saying when talking about these sorts of shoes, but if you want to avoid major scuffs and nicks into this sensitive material, don't wear these shoes when you expect to be trekking it and going hardcore.  A hot night out at the club? No.  A nice, civilized champagne brunch with your girlfriends? Yes.

.... as worn by Katherine Hanson.