White Maternity Jeans by Liz Lange Maternity for Target ($34.99)

Rating: Trust It!

White jeans are my staple for summer. So when I found out I was pregnant again this spring and that I was going to be significantly bigger most of the summer (plus I tend to carry my babies low, so I outgrow my regular pants pretty quick), I knew I had to find a pair ASAP!  I was trying to avoid buying the $285 pair of jbrand jeans at Pea in the Pod. I LOVE jbrand, but can't justify spending that much for less than 9 months of wear. Anywho, I ordered and tried 6 different pairs from Gap, Old Navy, Loft, A Pea in the Pod, multiple styles and sizes from each store. I was so annoyed. Worst fit, worst shape, just horrible.

Then, on a normal Target run, I decided to browse through the maternity section. I saw a pair by Liz Lange for Target, so I figured why not try them. They can't be any worse then the 6 other pairs I tried, right? So I went into the dressing room, put them on, and to my surprise they were perfect. They fit exactly like my very favorite white ankle length white jeans from Henry & Belle, and the size XS actually fit like it should. (All the other size 2/XS pants I got to try were literally falling off and so baggy in the legs, it was very bizarre). Oh, and they were $34.99. More than half the price of all the other ill-fitting white jeans I tried.

So, long story short, if you need a pair of white pants to get you through your pregnancy, I definitely recommend trying them.  I was pleasantly surprised for sure.

... in the experience of Emma Jane Hunt.