Wunder Under Pant with Full-on Luon by Lululemon ($82.00)

Rating: Trust It!

Prior to starting a more regular yoga practice, I was very skeptical of Lululemon (like many of you may be as well). We all know about their “see through” yoga pant scandal and very high prices; however, after some serious research, I went for the plunge and bought my first pair of Lululemon Wunder Under Pants to add to my exercise wardrobe. After owning them for a few months, I literally cannot stop wearing them! I do laundry just so I can wear them again! They are extremely comfortable and do not fall down in down dog or any other yoga postures. They are thick and NOT see through, but not so thick that you get hot during your practice. They do a great job at absorbing your sweat and not stinking after one wear. (Yes I wear them again before washing and they don’t smell). I also wear these when running errands with a cute blouse or flowy top, so they provide versatility. They are $82 and I have never heard of them being on sale, and are only sold by Lululemon. However, these are well worth the money for the amount of wear you will get out of them! 

... in the experience of Alana Dillette.