Ratings: Proceed with Caution

Yoga Glo is an online yoga community that offers a multitude of classes online that you can do any time! It is free for the first 15 days and $18.99 a month afterwards… which is pretty reasonable compared to the lofty prices of a joining a yoga studio. Before joining my local studio here in town, Yogafly, I tried this website out for a while. The site itself is great, they offer multiple different teachers, classes, levels and durations for their classes. If you have a busy schedule and are very familiar with yoga, go for it! It's a great investment for busy moms, working professionals etc.

However, if you're like me, and new to the practice, I would suggest cashing out for a local studio as long as you can before joining YogaGlo. This way, you will be a much better self-guide when it comes to understanding the different types and levels of classes. It can work for a brand-new yogi, but will take a lot of trial and error to figure out where to start. You should also join a studio first to make sure you receive proper instruction on your alignment and postures, etc. Additionally, the classes obviously lack the community feel that traditional studios give you, so you must be willing to give this up if this will be your main source for your yoga practice. 

... in the experience of Alana Dillette.