Yos Forever App (free; iPhone users only)

Rating: Trust It!

YOS Forever is a FREE app for iPhones that features new health, beauty and lifestyle tips every day. Topics range from DIY eye cream, 10-minute ab workouts, yoga for stress relief videos, healthy & organic recipes, tips for feng shui, meditation and more.  According to their website, "'YOS' in Sanskrit means Health and Happiness. Yos is a community passionate about finding interesting, curated tips, DIYs on personal care, health & beauty." 

In today's busy world with everyone trying to sell you something everywhere you turn, it's refreshing to encounter an application that gives you tips on taking your health into your own hands without the inevitable price tag at the end. While some topics feature links to sites where you can buy these healthy  alternatives, it is by no means the focus. Since this is free, there really is no drawback to downloading this! It is only offered for iPhones, though so it is disappointing that such a great resources isn't available to Android users. If you are an Android user, you can still follow them on Instagram and Twitter to get these awesome tips. 

Warning: you may become consumed with an overwhelming desire to make and or include healthy, natural alternative products in your life.  

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