Yosi Samra Fold-Up Flats ($70)

Rating: Proceed with Caution

I saw it coming with this one. I've been wanting these shoes for a while now because of their easy casual look, but was always deterred by the price as "fold-up flats" don't necessarily scream "durability". But I was ok to purchase them at a much lower price point ($38) when I saw them on sale at one of my new favorite boutiques in Venice, Angus | Worhol.

And boy, am I glad that I didn't buy them at full price. They look very worn in for only having these shoes for one month and maybe wearing them a maximum of 15 times. I've worn these primarily only to work, in an office with a polished and sealed concrete floor, and yet the leather at the heel and the outer part of the shoe are already torn and wearing away.

Other than my disappointments in their obvious flaws in durability, they're pretty comfortable to wear, although I would avoid wearing them when you know you're going to be standing for a long period of time (not a lot of padding and sole support). Also, definitely buy your size. Unless you're walking in rain puddles every day, don't intimidate yourself into buying a size smaller with the threat of the leather expanding. That's what I did and I wish that I had stuck to my original size as they are a bit tight on my toes. Judging by the rate we're going, these shoes will be completely ruined from wear before they ever expand to be that big enough.

So, "proceed with caution", and don't buy these if you're looking for really durable shoes to go knock it out of the park with. I will say that if the price point for these shoes were higher, they'd definitely be stamped with an "empty promises" rating. Lucky them.

... in the experience of Katherine Hanson.