Black Mid Heel Sandals with Ankel Strap by Zara ($49)

Rating: Proceed with Caution

Love her or hate her, Rihanna is second to none when it comes to setting trends (and she also is quite the trend jumper too). Fearless in her choices, she often pairs something street-inspired like a sport-jersey material dress and uber-fancy Saint Laurent heels. Over the course of the second coming of her Chris Brown-Unapologetic tour she was frequently seen wearing the plain but classy double slim strapped heels which have been knocked off all over from shoe giants like Aldo to the European fast-fashion geniuses like H&M

However Zara has made the outlier of all knock-offs with a variants that range from "I'm going to the club" to "I'm at the office". I chose an option whose straps are slightly thicker and heel a little chunkier, making it sensible yet versatile. Please note that I bought these shoes with hesitation. Zara frequently makes great looking shoes - yet they're uncomfortable as all hell. Case in point: I bought two Zara heels last summer for wedding season and I only wore these shoes for those two weddings. 

Fast forward to this summer, I wanted a heel that was the best of all worlds (play and pay) and I must say, these Zara heels are it. They've gone from party to party, and from coffee dates to actual dates. However, because the straps aren't made with genuine suede, I would advise you to proceed with caution. They're black and wonderful, and will probably last until the next RiRi album and are plain enough to last for seasons after that, its just that with Zara, sometimes you just don't know....

... as worn by Aimee Laurel.